Treasures of the Heart

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Autumn is my favorite time of year! A season of joy-a season of gathering the family together and rejoicing over blessingsGrandma Ethel Chesley's autumn artwork that we display every year.
Wishing for all the joys of the journey, even when the road is rocky
Baby James Benjamin Jensen and his adoring sister, Liesel Born Sunday, November 2, 2008
James with his adoring Gramie
Sweetest little feller anybody knows
Grandaddy with Princess Alice Nicole-Folz Bielefeldt Born Sunday, November 16
Dear Henry and Lil' Liza after 40 years of marriage still handsome and beautiful!!! (oh yeah)
The long hike in the forest wore out all the children so they collapsed in front of the tiny AC unit in the tiny living room afterwards. Wall to wall children watching the tiny TV!!! But what a fun time riding the horses Beth and Dave brought up.
Oh the campfire was an adventure for those who could stay awake(everyone except Gramie)
So much creativity!!!!
Sam the winner - actually everyone was a winner - what a funny Bielefeldt American idol show
The greatest judges for the super Bielefeldt American idol show! Our own Susie was the creator of this wild and wonderful program.
Celebrating 40 years of marriage - oh the family, dogs, horses, goats, squirrels, tarantulas, etc. all got together with the yummiest food ever - from Joe's barbeque chicken to the best ever German breakfast, including freshly made goat icecream and Susie's apple pie etc.

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We baked yummy apples on the coals