Treasures of the Heart

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Early this morning, before I even started teaching piano, Marty suggested I take pictures of the tulips my friend gave me before they wilt. Thankfully, I did at the time as now, 3 hours later, the sweet gift is wilting. I am reminded that we need to take time to notice the small things in the midst of all the confusion of life. Some opportunities are only for a moment; some precious gifts are fleeting; cherished friends and loved ones are not always present; time passes but memories remain; the sweetness and joy of the moment can last forever. My heart is so touched at the thoughtfulness of my friend and I am reminded in my memories of her kindness to me. This is symbolic of all the kindnesses I receive from so many. Sometimes I forget to remember. The scriptures say "Remember, remember". So with gratitude, I share a few pictures of the temporary beauties around me. When seen in the scope of the world, they might seem but an insignificant piece of beauty; when seen in detail, they become an overwhelming part of my gratitude for the creations and gifts and people that surround and bless my life and take my breath away.
I placed the tulips on a precious table cloth my mother embroidered in detail with her aged and shaking hands, fingers that tediously created a gift of love.
The glorious apple blossoms trying with all their might to create an apple to please, but perhaps will never come to fruit. The blossoms themselves give joy and promise. This is the last rose of winter, so high it can only be seen up close from my balcony. As we arrived home Sunday evening, the fragrance of freshly opening citrus blossoms overwhelmed me and instantly reminded me of the month I became engaged to my sweetheart 41 years ago.

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