Treasures of the Heart

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Grandchildren in Teribithea

The Hodge Podge Lodge was the location of a magical visit to Teribithea with 5 enchanted grandchildren. What began as an ordinary day turned into a journey of discovery and wonder of places only imagined before in the mysterious forest beyond the boundaries of the "Lodge". The children nearly froze as they walked the sudden ice fields behind the barn, but.... their exploration was a delight when they discovered the patch of edible ice. In their delight, they frolicked in the barn with fairies and gnomes and a wild, furry creatures that had sharp teeth and a fierce growl, but turned out to be a special friend in deed. They bravely decided to trudge through the mud, the deep washes, and the hills and explore the dense and dark forest beyond -- where they found a field of treasures that shall remain unnamed. New trails, where no man had walked before, were blazed by these daring children. Strange, wild birds zoomed and threatened overhead, but their new friend, the wild furry creature, protected them. As dark, unfriendly shadows, cast by the deepening dusk, threatened to leave them stranded in the strange kingdom, these inquisitive children heard and followed the insistent whistle of their beloved Grandaddy. They rushed into his safe and secure arms and, after a time capsule, with a few treasures was buried in a secret place, they were whisked away to the ordinary world once again (while yearning for the land of Hodge Podge Enchantment).

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