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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Treasures

What a wonderful season - a time of family sharing love for one another in so many ways. The week of Thanksgiving was also a week of Santa and Christmas as Jared was leaving a week later for his mission in South Africa. The month of December included: My baby, Jared flying to Johannesburg; a heavenly piano recital of all my students; a delightful trip to Las Vegas to visit Marsie and family (and have time with the children to create a special gift for their parents); a fun birthday lunch for Beth at Joe's Farm Grill; a beautiful Christmas Eve dinner with Missy and family (love those darling girls); a Christmas morning phone call from "Elder Beautiful", as the African missionaries cannot pronounce "Bielefeldt"; a delicious and magical morning with Beth's family Christmas morning (we could have stayed all day); lovely phone calls from Marsie, Hanne and Susie; my brother, Johnny and wife, Jolene Sevey coming in with a yummy steak dinner they brought and prepared for Christmas evening with them and my mother; a visit and gift exchange with all my siblings though not all at once and a dinner at Serranos (treated by Johnny) with some of us; a joyful time having our Joseph stay with us a few days bringing fun and laughter into our home; treats and gifts and emails and letters from dear friends; Christmas movies on DVD (my favorites are "The Gift" and "Mr. Krueger's Christmas"); visits with Oma Dessie; and sharing a few quiet times with my sweetheart, Marty now that we are "empty nesters." (lol)

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