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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Fun With Grandchildren

What a fun time was spent on an absolutely beautiful day at the Riparian Reserve in Gilbert with 4 fun and imaginative grandkids! They led Gramie on an enthusiastic and energetic walk down paths, searching for and sharing remembrances of their favorite spots they had found on other trips. The kids ended up sharing their popcorn snack with some very appreciative and demanding ducks on the pond who were quacking a happy song. If you look closely at the smiles, you might discover one 6 year old who recently had a visit from the tooth fairy.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year 2010

Blue Moon
A magical moment
Beautiful Girl
What a joyous holiday season from Thanksgiving thru New Years, creating memories with family all month and culminating with New Years Eve at Beth's house. We began the last night of 2009 with a breathtaking sight - a "Blue Moon". What a delight to observe the rising spectacular moon on our 15 minute drive to Beth's house. When we arrived we were greeted with hugs and "Happy New Years" and enjoyed a feast of appetizers and goodies. There were games and visiting and phone calls and finally, at midnight, a great display of fireworks. Suddenly, we were in 2010 and talking of how fast the years pass by. This is a time to feel nostalgia for the memories, gratitude for many blessings, and hope as we set goals and plan for the new year.

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