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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Family Fun in Las Vegas

Being with some of our precious family is the best fun we can imagine. What a delight to spend several special several days with our Jensen grandkids in Las Vegas. Friday evening we enjoyed yummy shrimp quesedillas with a dance show afterwards performed by the little girls. They can actually ballet on their toes - the choreography is incredible! On Saturday we had such fun at the park. On Sunday we enjoyed the peace of chuch meetings. On Monday evening we had great fun with a special patriotic family night, learning about the first flag of our country and the declaration of Independence - we learned how to make a 5 point star - and finally we had a spectaculor firework show put on by all of us, but directed by Ben - and last of all, a yummy old-fashioned blueberry cobbler with icecream! A multitude of original craft projects were interwoven into every available hour of the day and evening by the children - from crowns of all sorts, to stars, to all manner of drawings and colorings of cards and pictures, to a noise maker made with 2 cups taped together and filled with rice. It seems like all of our grandchildren are bursting with creative ideas.

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