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Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter 2009

We all had a lovely Easter Sunday, beginning with church and ending with a family gathering. We enjoyed a scrumptious dinner of apricot filled lamb roast, ham, potato salad, fresh veggie salad, roasted parmesan asparagus, berry jello salad, bunny buns (of course) and absolutely delicious carrot cake cupcakes decorated with a festive miniature, edible, Easter basket on top. After dinner it was pleasant to watch the kids gather treasure filled eggs that had been hidden by a very tall bunny. We then gathered in various groups to visit, look at treats and share creative ideas. It was a day filled with joy but also a day to miss the precious family members not able to be there.
Here are a few of the swap treasures Missy and Beth did for me.I have already arranged them in various places or eaten some of them. Beth made some delicious blood orange marmalade, the adorable bunny kitchen towel, the fun musical bookmark laying on my Madame Alexander Pinky doll, and the Rosewater mist along with other fun things. Missy gave me a delightful bag filled with all kinds of fun things - if you look on her blog she has a nice picture of her swap. It was such fun that we are going to do a May Day swap (on my birthday) yay! I get to make a may day basket for Lucy - what fun! Oh yes, It was so fun to have Jared and Jenny color eggs for me on Saturday night. (pictured below) Also pictured below are the cupcakes Beth made with applesauce, whole wheat flour and agave - a natural sweetener from cactus. Thank you Beth, Jared, Jenny, Missy and everyone for such a sweet time!

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