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Wednesday, March 11, 2009


It's the season for planting a garden again, but Jared says we already have a garden so full that he doesn't want to turn it under and replant. Let's take a vote. Do you think it needs replanting or shall we just keep enjoying. Scroll down and see our prizes and then give us your opinion. This tomato plant gave us fruit last July. Jared transplanted it to a pot on our patio in October. Finally, the straggly little bush has given us 4 small tomatoes this week. Somewhere up there is the start of a bird nest - a favorite tree for our neighborhood birds. This little orange tree is making big promises. This very small 6 month old Mexican oregano plant actually provides very yummy fresh spices for our soups and beans. This year old basil plant just keeps on growing. We have big hopes that our tiny little lime tree will bear fruit this year. What a surprise to find this fresh head of lettuce hiding in the garden in the middle of the carrot patch. Oh yes, Jared and I compete to see who can eat the most jalapenos. Nothing like having a couple every day from the garden. They are a carry over from our summer/fall garden. This tomato plant came up volunteer last summer and gave us a few ripe tomatoes. It has survived the winter and is blossoming. We've had as much broccoli as we could eat for more than a month. It just keeps on producing. And yes, you really can eat broccoli that has flowered.

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