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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Beth's Goats at the County Fair

We had such a delightful time with Beth and her family at the County Fair on Friday. It was great fun to see one of her goats receive the Grand Champion award in her class and also other awards for other goats. This was special as she has been working hard to build up her herd. She will blog about it herself, but I just have to share several photos of the fun. We totally enjoyed seeing Jill, Lucy and Jesse take the goats into the area to be judged. They were being judged as dairy goats. Robin and Elsa were having fun exploring the fair. They were excited when their Dad arrived so they could go on some more fun rides.
These babies were so happy when their Momma was thru being judged "Grand Champion"!
The two baby boys were very popular as potential champion bucks and had several very interested buyers. Check Beth's blog in a few days for an update on all the fun.

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