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Friday, February 20, 2009

Family Soup

This delicious chicken soup (a take off of Marsie's Soupa Ranchero) was made by Marty, Sylvia, Joe and Jared. Due to popular demand, we are releasing the secret recipe and expect it will be wildly popular. I soaked 1 cup of navy beans for several hours in the morning. In the afternoon she started them cooking with one onion chunked up - not finely, but chunked - in about 3 quarts of water, with powdered chicken soup flavoring from Sprouts and about a tablespoon of red pepper flakes, in a big stainless steele pan. (I forgot to start them early enough in the crock pot) Jared had his niece Jill and friends, Jared and Jenny over for lunch. While they were over, my son Jared (not the friend Jared) baked 3 large chicken breasts with heavenly seasonings (which are secret) to tender perfection for me to use later in the soup. Later Joe peeled and chopped 4 potatoes and added them to the soup. Marty brought home cauliflower from the Carol Rae School garden and Joe chopped it and also chopped fresh brocolli from our own garden. We added that to the pot along with some Costco frozen corn and the prepared chicken. At the last minute I added a package of ramon noodles. This was served with jalapenos from our own garden and freshly grated tilamook cheese in a large roll scooped out to make a bread bowl. Yummy!!! I had so much generous help due to the fact that I was very sick and had also slipped on the freshly mopped floor that my kind son, Jared had cleaned for me, but which I forgot was wet. I took a flying leap in front of Joe, Jared and the lunch bunch and broke a dish and my toe, but the glass of water in my hand was totally unspilled and unbroken.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Las Vegas

We took a trip to Las Vegas to help Marsie and Ben with painting, unpacking and organizing. It might sound like a working trip, which it was, but essentially I, Sylvia, just couldn't bear to part with my precious grandchildren yet. What fun to be with them and help them in getting settled. (Fun for the six of us who went - Marty and I, Jake & Susie, Jared and his friend, Jenny.) We loved participating in their move and attending church meetings with them. The people there were so very nice and friendly and I felt peaceful, knowing they will make great friends. As we left to come home yesterday, the family room and kitchen looked just so beautiful and put together as Marsie had arranged the furniture and put out plants and other decor. The playroom, which Jenny and Susie arranged so adorable with the help of Liesel, Annika and Elora, was already very much enjoyed by the girls and looked very "played" in. Hopefully, Marsie's new gas dryer arrived today so she can finally do laundry. My heart ached to leave them all behind - part of our precious family. Everyone was smiling as we drove off. It rained all the way home until about 50 miles from Phoenix. But it did rain here during the night.
I tried to take pictures as we arrived - the view of the city lights was spectaculer.
Had to have a little fun. The vote was to leave this art work on the wall. Looked so contemporary. The girls did such a beautiful job of arranging the playroom. The little girls did a great job of playing in it afterwards.
The children did not interfere too much and were a delightful presence to their grandparents.
Marty was a source of expertise for all events.
These guys worked non stop. Jake even got a couple of ceiling fans put up before we left. Ben invited us to all come back when everything is in order, but we loved being part of the "getting everything in order" crew. A great time was had by all!!!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Happy Birthday to my wonderful son, Jacob Harold Bielefeldt - a man of great integrity, independence, loyalty, and generosity. He gives of his time to help when needed. He is a man without guile - a heart filled with kindness. You are a treasured son.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Margaret Shumway Sevey

Happy Birthday to my mother Margaret Shumway Sevey Mom often comments that she is so blessed with a wonderful family. She takes great joy in the announcement of another great grandchild on the way. (she has 62 plus 3 on the way). Her favorite activities involve church and family gatherings. She loves to tell stories about her experiences in life and especially like to remember her relatives and friends. She is proud to remember the names of all her great grandchildren as they visit her and cherishes their visits.
Down on the "ranch" in the dessert near Buckeye, Arizona. (about 1948)
Grandma sold fruit for many years at a fruitstand in front of her house. She often had a little grandchild helping her. (pictured here with Missy)
Mom with her 4 daughters Grandma with the Jensen grandchildren.

Sugar & Spice

Annika and Elora walking Sugar & Spice We had such fun walking the doggies and playing in the park for several days while Marsie and the children visited with us when Ben was out of town.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Secret Garden A magical place for the grandchildren (especially when Uncle Jared is helping them create a fairyland)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Happy Birthday to my beautiful daughter, Marsie Diane Jensen. My friend Pam told me yesterday "Marsie is a classic beauty....and she is so sweet inside and out." That is very true. To know her is to love her. She is a lovely mother of five beautiful children and a loving and loyal wife to her husband, Ben. Pictured below with her siblings, cousins and friends of whom she is still very close to. The passage of time has only increased her patience and kindliness to all. Have a wonderful day - you are loved!!
Marsie and cousin Karl Bielefeldt

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