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Monday, February 9, 2009

Margaret Shumway Sevey

Happy Birthday to my mother Margaret Shumway Sevey Mom often comments that she is so blessed with a wonderful family. She takes great joy in the announcement of another great grandchild on the way. (she has 62 plus 3 on the way). Her favorite activities involve church and family gatherings. She loves to tell stories about her experiences in life and especially like to remember her relatives and friends. She is proud to remember the names of all her great grandchildren as they visit her and cherishes their visits.
Down on the "ranch" in the dessert near Buckeye, Arizona. (about 1948)
Grandma sold fruit for many years at a fruitstand in front of her house. She often had a little grandchild helping her. (pictured here with Missy)
Mom with her 4 daughters Grandma with the Jensen grandchildren.

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