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Monday, March 2, 2009

A Star Valley Weekend

A trip to our hodge-podge cabin in Star Valley was a visit to our own "Walden Pond" - a welcome simplification for a couple of days to have uninterrupted time to read, write and meander through dreams with the nourishment of fresh air and without schedule.
I could almost pretend I painted this magical evening of peace on canvas - instead I admit it's my amazing photographic creativity. Chilly enough to enjoy a fire, to feel the joy of our private "castle", to eat barbequed ribs, watch a wild 007 movie, then to drink hot chocolate, to read a little before gently falling asleep where even the midnight visit from the elks did not awaken me. (Marty told me the next morning that Spice frantically anounced the elks arrival with her shrill barking). Sunday morning we enjoyed our spiritual feast at the Christopher Creek branch. We enjoyed meeting many wonderful people and enjoyed the wonderful lessons on charity and faith. Even though this area had 3 feet of snow two weeks ago, most had melted in the warmth of recent days. Two weeks ago church had been canceled due to hazardess driving conditions and some people had been stranded in town due to the sudden storms.
Our trip home was peaceful as we enjoyed the many moods of the setting sun and the wonderful Arizona dessert.

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