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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Las Vegas

We took a trip to Las Vegas to help Marsie and Ben with painting, unpacking and organizing. It might sound like a working trip, which it was, but essentially I, Sylvia, just couldn't bear to part with my precious grandchildren yet. What fun to be with them and help them in getting settled. (Fun for the six of us who went - Marty and I, Jake & Susie, Jared and his friend, Jenny.) We loved participating in their move and attending church meetings with them. The people there were so very nice and friendly and I felt peaceful, knowing they will make great friends. As we left to come home yesterday, the family room and kitchen looked just so beautiful and put together as Marsie had arranged the furniture and put out plants and other decor. The playroom, which Jenny and Susie arranged so adorable with the help of Liesel, Annika and Elora, was already very much enjoyed by the girls and looked very "played" in. Hopefully, Marsie's new gas dryer arrived today so she can finally do laundry. My heart ached to leave them all behind - part of our precious family. Everyone was smiling as we drove off. It rained all the way home until about 50 miles from Phoenix. But it did rain here during the night.
I tried to take pictures as we arrived - the view of the city lights was spectaculer.
Had to have a little fun. The vote was to leave this art work on the wall. Looked so contemporary. The girls did such a beautiful job of arranging the playroom. The little girls did a great job of playing in it afterwards.
The children did not interfere too much and were a delightful presence to their grandparents.
Marty was a source of expertise for all events.
These guys worked non stop. Jake even got a couple of ceiling fans put up before we left. Ben invited us to all come back when everything is in order, but we loved being part of the "getting everything in order" crew. A great time was had by all!!!!

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Hanne said...

How Fun! I can't wait to go see their house!

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