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Friday, February 20, 2009

Family Soup

This delicious chicken soup (a take off of Marsie's Soupa Ranchero) was made by Marty, Sylvia, Joe and Jared. Due to popular demand, we are releasing the secret recipe and expect it will be wildly popular. I soaked 1 cup of navy beans for several hours in the morning. In the afternoon she started them cooking with one onion chunked up - not finely, but chunked - in about 3 quarts of water, with powdered chicken soup flavoring from Sprouts and about a tablespoon of red pepper flakes, in a big stainless steele pan. (I forgot to start them early enough in the crock pot) Jared had his niece Jill and friends, Jared and Jenny over for lunch. While they were over, my son Jared (not the friend Jared) baked 3 large chicken breasts with heavenly seasonings (which are secret) to tender perfection for me to use later in the soup. Later Joe peeled and chopped 4 potatoes and added them to the soup. Marty brought home cauliflower from the Carol Rae School garden and Joe chopped it and also chopped fresh brocolli from our own garden. We added that to the pot along with some Costco frozen corn and the prepared chicken. At the last minute I added a package of ramon noodles. This was served with jalapenos from our own garden and freshly grated tilamook cheese in a large roll scooped out to make a bread bowl. Yummy!!! I had so much generous help due to the fact that I was very sick and had also slipped on the freshly mopped floor that my kind son, Jared had cleaned for me, but which I forgot was wet. I took a flying leap in front of Joe, Jared and the lunch bunch and broke a dish and my toe, but the glass of water in my hand was totally unspilled and unbroken.


Beth said...

Hmmm, well I guess since the spices on the chicken are still secret we won't actually be able to replicate this. ;-) Oh well. It sounds delicious! I hope you are feeling better soon :-(

Anonymous said...

It looks delish! I hope you feel better soon. now I know why you didn't call to say you are coming over today!
love ya,

Our Crazy Family said...

Fun to find your blog today! I'm not even sure how I ran across it--but glad to know your family is doing well! Come visit us in cyberspace!

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