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Saturday, October 18, 2008


RoadtoJoy AMERICAN IDOL BIELEFELDT STYLE What a great family reunion and 40th wedding anniversary party -- Wow! what a talented posterity we have! Not only can these kids create art projects of all kinds, but they can dance and sing as we all discovered. We had the amazing Von Miller family singing several songs from Sound of Music as well as a genuine puppet show produced by Lucy; Sarah Hollenbeck bringing down the house with her incredible song; the sweet Jensen sisters voices of angels; the energetic break dancing of the Nunley brothers; the Harry Potter variety show by the cousins with Uncles Jake and Jared; the crazy, but totally handsome Grandaddy as Dear Henry and spontaneous Gramie as Dear Liza singing "My Bucket's got a hole in it"; and much, much more. The surprise of the evening was the enthusiastic and energetic solo by David Miller. The judges were astute with such positive remarks for all who performed (Shawn, Joe, and Susie with Ben as the moderator). Many valuable pieces of art work created by Marty were awarded to the winners. Other activities included eating, visiting, a treasure hunt, a fishing game, horseback riding, a long hike in the forest, target shooting, all night visiting, swimming, water balloon fights, etc.

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