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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Jared had his wisdom teeth extracted on Wednesday in preparation for his mission. When it was time to leave Jared just did not want to get out of his chair, but with help we managed to get him to wobble out to the car taking giant shaky steps, all the while grinning like a silly goose, eyes closed the entire time. They told me he was one of the funniest patients they had and that it's best if he doesn't get into drinking, which thankfully will not be a problem with this guy. Thankfully, when I arrived home with Jared, his friend Jenny was there to help me get him in the house and he barely made it to the couch as he kept trying to lay down on nothing. Of course he was completely babied and cared for using ice packs and sleeping all day long. Amazingly enough, today he is quite lucid and even did some Christmas decorating in his room. He wasn't very hungry yesterday, but today cannot get enough food to satisfy as it has to be soft. He's not much in the mood for ice cream, just wants steak and potatoes, but that will have to wait. I'm convinced Dr. Boyse is highly skilled as Jared's recovery is so quick.
Jared does look rather like a chipmunk

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Beth said...

Oh my gosh! That top picture and comment are soooo Jared! Poor guy, he wasn't the life of the party last night, or maybe he was! It was too funny watching him hold his cheeks so that he wouldn't "tear the stitches out" by laughing!

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