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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Party Time

More cute pictures from the birthday celebration for Marty and Sarah - birthday twins!
A decision must be made - who will blow out which candles??!!
So whose turn is it to open the next present? - why aren't you all looking at the most important people here?!
Well, is that all there is?
Marty actually grilled the chicken himself with his famous mango/ pineapple sauce - made with fresh mangos - so delicious!
I really only have eyes for Alice. She was full of sweetness and laughter and I was full of love.
Uncle Frank was the most popular guy there with a crowd of children surrounding him and wanting his attention. Felicity found a "quiet" moment to get all the attention herself. Elsa was loving to visit with Aunt Annethel and Oma when Uncle Frank was busy with one of the other kids.

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