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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Celebrating Grandma's 90th

From horse and buggy and outdoor privies to jet age, computers and cell phones, Margaret Sevey has seen a lot of change in her 90 years. She has endured severe economic trials, physical hardships working on her farms, loss of all material treasures as a young married mother of two when her home burned; she has practiced provident and thrifty living her entire life. The ability to save and budget and use wisdom in debt control has enabled her to bless the lives of her family materially. She has a strong work ethic as well as strong opinions on nutrition. Two days before her party, she said to me "Well, today I just sat around." That is literally the first time she sat and relaxed completely without feeling the desire to work. In the past several years, as her energy has weakened, she has remained industrious crocheting, quilting, scrap booking and reading. TV has never been part of her life (except for Lawrence Welk and LDS Conference). It was a delight to her last evening to be honored by many friends, family and relatives as they came to wish her "Happy Birthday." There were so many expressions of love and appreciation for her.

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