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Friday, April 9, 2010

Joyful Easter With Grandchildren


This Easter egg contest began by scooping out the yolk of the boiled egg - then filling the white of the egg with very hot pepper sauce - then seeing who could be the first to eat the egg up. Ready - set - go! I was last cause I wanted to relish the yummy taste. Parker and Jeffrey tied as they just let the egg slide down their throat. I explained I use to have ice cream cone eating contests with my sister and would try to be last so I could enjoy longer. So last is the winner in my opinion! Anyway, Marty and I were definitely the winners to be able to have a delightful holiday with the Nunley's!


Hanne said...

We had such a fun weekend with you and Dad! We're so glad you came!

Beth said...

awww, what fun! Ally looks so much like Elsa in these pictures - you can tell they are cousins!

Sallybee said...

Yes, as Allie gave me the welcoming hug I said, "Oh she is so like Elsa!" That Smile....! :)

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