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Monday, July 11, 2011

July Fun at the Cabin

Fun times at the cabin last week included a fishing trip to the Payson Lake as the forest were closed due to fire danger (however, the fish were not jumping); also the boys built an incredible tree house fort with a picket fence and gate below which included a swing hanging from the upper level. They called it "This is The Place".  We also enjoyed one very fierce and long rain storm which had the kids dancing in the rain until the thunder crashed close by.  Marty worked on his gardens, trimming trees and cleaning up the cactus from the yard. Hanne and I cooked and cleaned the kitchen and visited to our hearts content, which included many pauses to tend to the needs of the kids. Reluctant goodbyes were said with promises to meet again before summer is over.Spice, our poodle was pampered lovingly by Allie. 

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